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Farid Single Operator Side Loading Compactor

The FARID FMO side-loading single operator compactor, designed and constructed by FARID Research and Development department, represents the combination of FARID is thirty years of experience in the sector of municipal cleaning vehicles and its attention to the most recent, innovative solutions in applied research in the fields of electronics, oleodynamics and the use of new materials. The result is a product designed to respond to the needs of our clients, reliable, easy to use and high performance, with a modern, functional design.

Rear-Loading Compactors

The thousands of units sold and the level of automation reached by the current production process confirms the popularity of this machine, one of the most successful in Europe.
The FARID T2 rear-loading compactor was entirely designed and constructed by our Research and Development Department, based on an innovative vision which unites state of the art technical solutions in terms of the performance and reliability of each single component, with a modern, functional design.

Mini Compactors

Mini compactor MK2 is an outstanding solution for those requiring versatility and high performance standards, typical of waste collection in an urban context where traffic conditions and access are challenging.
The Micro mini compactor is a waste compactor with tipping box and compacting blade designed to meet the need for versatility in the context of doorstep refuse collection services.
Describing PN as a mini compactor simply does not do it justice.
While it offers the versatility of a mini-compactor, its performance is on a par with the large-scale compactors.
The Minimatic rear-loading mini compactor represents an innovative concept in small refuse collection vehicles. While it can be fitted onto a compact chassis, it has the load capacity and robust structure of a high-end product.

Street Sweepers


FJ Compact range: street sweeper and washer.
Designed to be user-friendly, comfortable and high performance, the FC Compact street sweeper guarantees high power suction and unbeatable productivity, combined with outstanding reliability.
The most compact vehicle in this market segment, the FJ Compact performs outstandingly in confined spaces. Its compact size, short wheelbase and special sweeping mechanism with swinging brushes mean it is extremely easy to manoeuvre round any kind of obstacle, from parked cars to benches in green areas etc, offering superb cleaning results.


FJ V street sweepers, the most popular range in the world, are perfectly at home both when cleaning city streets and when working in airports and in the context of work on major road networks.
Available with a single or double row of brushes, it offers a 3.6 metre wide cleaning range, delivery top results per hour of operation.