RVB-ECO Vertical Baler

The RVB-ECO vertical baler is a 3 ton force machine which has been designed and constructed to service users with smaller amounts of waste (typically between 70 - 200 kg's per day), but who still need a machine to handle bulky materials.

The machine has a small base area making it ideal for operations where space is limited. The baler has a full indicator light which illuminates when the baling chamber is full. Strapping of the completed bale is made easy with the strapping being fed through slits in the main door. The baling chamber is equipped with rows of reverse facing barbs, which 'hold' the material back to ensure optimum filling and efficiency.

Medium sized filling opening
Advantage when handling larger boxes

Automatic ejection
Two-hand operation ejects the bale





Vertical – Top Loading   

Charge Chamber opening size

500 x 750mm

Bale size (L x W x H)

600 x 600 x 600mm

Bale weight / mass

50 to 100kg (Dependent upon product)

Bale Ejection


Cycle time

Automatic - 26 sec / 51 sec (No Load)

Ram Thrust

3 Tons

Normal Working Pressure

100 bar

Noise Level (db)


Rated Output

1- 20 Tons per month

Filling Height


Motor Size

2.2 KW

Cylinder Specifications (Bore x Cylinder x Stroke)

80 x 50 x 750mm



Oil Tank Capacity

36  Litres

Shipping Weight

Approx. 400 kg


Electrical Supply Requirements

240V 50 Hz 10A

Power Point

3 Pin Plug & Socket 10 amp


W – Width

650 mm

D - Depth

650 mm

H - Height

1900 mm

Country of Origin

Manufactured in South Africa